About CLCA

The California Landscape Contractors Association (CLCA) is a non-profit trade organization of state licensed landscape and landscape-related limited specialty contractors. CLCA's membership, which totals approximately 2,500 individuals, also includes suppliers to contractors, landscape architects, educators, public officials, and students.


Although formally incorporated in 1952, CLCA has been meeting as an association since 1937. Mission CLCA serves the interests of its members, promotes professionalism, and advances awareness of the landscape industry.

Vision Statement

The California Landscape Contractors Association members will be recognized by the public as the best qualified professionals of the landscape industry.

Public Significance

Contractor members are licensed by the state of California and regulated by the Contractors State License Board for the protection of the consumer. Since unlicensed individuals who contract for landscape installation are operating illegally and are not regulated by the Contractors State License Board, CLCA educates consumers about the significant dangers of hiring them. Many CLCA members are invaluable resources for consultations on planning, installing, and maintaining water-efficient landscapes.

Contact Information

1491 River Park Drive
Suite 100
Sacramento, CA 95815
Phone: (916) 830-2780
Fax: (916) 830-2788

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CLCA-SLO Board of Directors


Mike Kneeskern, Central Coast Landscape Products.....(805) 595-3478

Immediate Past President
David Brown, Mari Landscaping.....(805) 226-9787

Vice President of Membership
Evan Moffitt, KD Janni Landscaping, Inc.....805-748-8931

Vice President of Programs/Events
Levi Marks, Ewing Irrigation.....805-598-7291

David Brown, Mari Landscaping.....(805) 226-9787

Brandon Delon, Leftside Landscape.....805-440-7051

Associate Member Rep
Jonathon Araya, Ewing Irrigation.....805-598-7291

Board Member
Pat Connelly, St. Francis Landscape.....(805) 235-1859

Cal Poly Liaison
Rob Shortell, Cal Poly University......(805) 756-2858

Newsletter Editors
Jerrie Beard, Beard & Associates......(530) 621-1701